Handmade dolls with high expectations

In times of mass-produced dolls in toy-store supermarkets, a parent's desire to give their child an authentic žrealÓ doll that they can build a long standing relationship with is increasing continually. Doll collectors and experts are not interested in plastic mass-produced dolls. Even Liesel Ohle's younger siblings have shown her that cheap goods are no alternative to high quality handmade dolls. Only with these dolls are children capable of building an emotional bond, only with them will they play with for many years to come. The dolls, which take Liesel Ohle approximately 25 hours to produce, must comply to the following criteria:

- each one is unique,
-they are made completely by hand
-they are made completely out of natural materials,
-they are not only nice to look at, but also ideal to play with!


Liesel Ohle's dolls are one-of-a-kind!
If you order a doll from the woodworker Liesel Ohle, you can be sure that there is no other doll with the same appearance and design. Each doll is designed and completed individually by Liesel Ohle.

All dolls are made entirely by hand.

It takes approximately 17 hours to complete a doll's head. Liesel Ohle designs the head first in her mind, then chooses the wood and begins carving. At this point the facial expression is created. After carving, nothing is changed on the facial expression. Through the following very fine sanding, the surface of the head becomes especially soft/delicate/. Thereafter the woodworking artist paints the eyes, cheeks, mouth and hair with water colour, oils the head with grape seed oil, seals the wood bee's wax and polishes it so that the doll can be played with. Only then is the body completed, fitting the size of the head. Then the baby doll is dressed in it's first clothes/ underwear and receives it's name. After several days, once she's gotten to know the baby doll more intimately, she chooses the colours of the clothes and has them knitted according to her wishes.

Dolls completely made from natural materials:

Linden wood, bee's wax, organically grown cotton that doesn't fade or change with saliva, and sheep's wool. Only pure nature is applied to the dolls. The head is made of high quality linden wood. This makes the doll realistic because the wood emanates the warmth of the playing child. The head is so delicate and smooth and lies good in the hand. Grape seed oil and bee's wax intensify the soft wood surface. The body is made out of organic cotton and sheep's wool and is therefore especially pleasant and soft to the touch. The eyes are painted with watercolours and sealed with water-based varnish making them realistic and increasing the lively image of the dolls. The doll's clothes are also made of natural materials: hand knitted cotton dresses and suits, wool and leather shoes complete the natural appearance of the dolls.

Liesel Ohle's dolls aren't only nice to look at,
they are also ideal to play with!,

Through their special body design, the dolls are fully moveable. The arms and legs are sewn so that the dolls can sit and can let themselves be picked up and held. Children can therefore easily dress and undress the dolls. The shape of the clothes is designed so that even small children can easily dress their doll. The arms and legs are tear-proof and are sewn to the body with an especially firm seam. If despite this extra care an accident should happen, everything can be repaired!

Liesel Ohle's dolls can be adopted!

Since all the dolls are unique, there is only a small sample displayed here. If you would like to see more, get a feeling for the artisanal dolls or žadoptÓ a doll child, you are welcome to visit Liesel Ohle's workshop. Please arrange an appointment before hand by phone.

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